All-Weather Perennial Plants you would Love

Having a garden that stands throughout the year regardless of weather conditions may be a very big challenge. But having year round perennials can be possible. Just include all these top known perennials in your garden and enjoy the sight of beauty even after every change of season.


Blue Cone Flowers 5

These perennials are native North American plants that showcase a daisy like appearance. Being a low maintenance plant that multiplies fast, these flower plants are ideal for long borders and prairie garden. Also, one thing that gardeners love about coneflowers is that they attract lots of butterflies, bees and birds.

Candy Tuft


Masses of snow like blooms of this perennial plant are a good addition to your garden. Usually, candy tuft plants are grown in an alkaline soil exposed in an ample amount of sunlight. They bloom early in spring until summer and often bloom again on fall.




These are useful year-round garden plants that show beautiful flowers that ranges from white to purplish in color. The highlights of this plant are not the flowers but the foliage that turns purplish during the winter.

Creeping Phlox

Emerald Blue Creeping Phlox subulata, at Visalia CA USA

These perennials are great for ground covering as they produce carpet like colorful flowers. They bloom in spring and produce long stems that harden, as they age.



This perennial plant blooms midyear that shows star like blue petals. Its foliage is very attractive all year long and changes into golden yellow during fall season.

Beard Tongue


They come in variety of colors and shapes that work well in almost any plant when paired. Penstemon or beard tongue loves a sunny and dry weather and can grow wildflowers fast when planted in spring.

Investing on year round perennials is really worth your money time and effort. When they receive proper care and attention, you can guarantee that they will keep growing year after year even in varied seasonal changes.