Finding the Best Shade-Loving Plants

If you see the shady part of your garden a problem, don’t fret. There are different types of trees and plants that grow well and  thrive in these darker areas. Here is a list of shade-loving plants that will add light in this often overlooked corner.



Ferns are the best plants to work as a background. They provide a nice base for showier plants and thrive well, even when very little attention is paid to them, as long as you leave them in a soil that is consistently moist. Hardy ferns are one of the popularly known ornamental plants.



They are the best companions of ferns giving a bright color to that particular shaded spot. Astilbes are very much easy to grow. They don’t require plenty of sun exposure and love a moist soil. Its plume-flowers can be beautifully placed in a vase too.



Hostas are better combined with ferns too. They are easy to take care of, making them perfect for low-maintenance outdoor spaces. These plants produce nice foliage. Some are even variegated and need as much as a gentler touch of sunlight to keep their stripes.



Hydrangea has recently become every gardener’s favorite. It loves moist soil rich with compost. These plants gives cluster of flowers in varying colors that surely add some extraordinary beauty to every garden.



This type of plant works well in a semi-shady garden. They easily wilt when planted on areas exposed to the hot afternoon sun. However, they love sun exposure in the morning and late in the afternoon.

English Ivy


English Ivy is very nice to be planted in low-light areas. It’s a better cover for walls and fences because of its climbing ability. But it’s could become invasive, if not properly treated.

Other houseplants work well in a shade garden too. Adding life in your dark areas can be as interesting as ever. There are a lot of possibilities worth a try. Combine various colors to turn that boring spot into something that really pleases the eye.