How to Grow a Citrus Tree from a Seed


Citrus trees are one of the best houseplants that can even bear fruits before you even know it. They can be put in any room for additional design and fragrance.

Any seed from a citrus fruit will do, even the ones we buy in the grocery store. The first thing to do is to remove all of the fruit remainders as possible by washing them to prevent molds or any fungus from appearing. Let them air dry if possible before planting them. Then sow the seeds about 2-3 centimeters in a small sized flower pots filled with moist quality soil.


To encourage germination, wrap the containers in a plastic bag to retain humidity and warmth. Put them in a dark place to hasten germination. Make sure you always check the soil moisture, so that the germinating seed doesn’t dry out and die. You can always sprinkle water on them, whenever necessary.


After 4-6 weeks, if successful germination has occurred, remove the plastic bag and provide adequate sunlight by placing the containers near sunny areas. Now is the perfect time to transfer them into larger pots for indoor keeping or you can plant them outside in your garden.


Continue caring for your future lemon or orange tree, by providing ample amount of sunlight, water, air, nutrients and warmth. If they are given the right amount of attention, they can grow into a healthy, fruit bearing plants. Although it may take more than 10 years for citrus trees to bear fruits, we can still enjoy sight of a green fragrant plant when fruition is not happening yet. Also, it won’t matter waiting that long if you consider growing a citrus tree just for fun.


So the next time you prepare refreshing lemonade for your family, think about sparing the seeds instead of directly throwing them into the trash can.