How to Grow Yourselves a Night Garden

There’s nothing like the sight of a garden that seems to be glowing by the shine of the evening light. But for all the romantic and enchanted reasons, growing a night garden is practically reasonable too.  If you are working all day and miss the colorful display of blooms each time you get to be at home, then you can try a few tricks to set up your garden and make it look at its best during the night!


To start with, plan the location that is partially shaded during the day. Once the right spot is decided, choose light colored plants. They appear luminescent under the moonlight or any other artificial garden lights. Popular night blooming plants that are ideal for planting include moonflower, evening star, white gaura, night blooming tropical water lilies, star jasmine, soapwort and many others. You can visit public gardens that have night-sections, to gather some ideas on how to set-up your own place.


Sweet scented bloomers are also a must for your night garden. If you want to add a little color, sweet rocket is the best choice to produce scented lilac flowers. Its scent will surely fill the air,making it best to be planted near pathways or in sitting areas.


Evening gardens aren’t just about flowers though. You can add a mix of plants that have silvery foliage to give your garden a shimmering accent, when hit by the evening light. Dusty miller and Lamb’s ear are just a couple examples out of a wide variety of plants that have silver foliage.


Enough of the plants, a garden is not a garden without considering some design issues. Moonlight isn’t the only source of light that could make your garden look magical. Consider adding candles on jars or some fairy lights to illuminate your sitting areas. Twinkling lights that were once used for seasonal occasions, like Christmas, are also perfect for wrapping trees or bushes, leaving a nice glow in your garden. Add some water features in the middle area, like say, a fountain with underwater lights, to complete the relaxing effect you want to achieve.


The new look of your night garden would come handy, especially if you want to hold night events and parties. From now on, you’ll never be ashamed to invite friends and relatives to your place and that would  surely inspire you and your family to enjoy the outdoors area together.