How to Make Your Garden Magical at Night


Our demanding jobs and modern way of life has driven us to savor the beauty of our garden less during the day. Therefore, we only have the time to wander and relax in our garden at night-time. As much as we want to witness the flowers bloom during the day, we could actually experience the vibe of a magical garden at night too. Here are some of the things that should be taken into consideration, to achieve your semi-dark, magical outdoor space.

Choose the right colors and plants


As it turns dark, we want our garden to glow and become more alive. This can be achieved by choosing plants that are pale colored like white, blue and pale yellow. There are varieties of night flower plants that pump scented smell to help us relax and remove all the stress, gather throughout the long working day.


Start with white impatiens, lamb’s ear, and star jasmine as this can also give you some silvery foliage that is glowing at night.

Consider the design of the garden


There is no right and wrong way when it comes to designing your garden. You can put a bench at the center or anywhere you feel appropriate and experience the feeling of being enveloped by the beauty of nature. A nice sound of a fountain is also applicable, especially if you want to block the external noise of cars or shouting neighbors. You can gather many original ideas out of garden magazines or gardening blogs, but try to add your personal touch to the design and adjust it to your dreamed garden vision.  

Set-up beautiful garden lights


Highlighting garden plants, by using garden lights seem to complete the missing puzzle piece of having a intriguing magical garden. Try using illuminated pots or hang down Christmas lights from a tree for a rainfall effect. You can try anything like the classic under lights on pots or spotlights on selected plants or trees but make sure you don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you’ll face a costly electric bill at the end of the month.