Top 5 Rules for Choosing Plants for your Garden

Setting up your garden can be so difficult that you may become afraid to even give it a try. Choosing what to plant is usually the very first issue any gardening beginner faces. The immense variety of choices can feel a bit overwhelming, so here are the top rules to follow when choosing plants appropriate for your type of garden.

Space and Location


Before purchasing any sets of plants, estimate how big they will grow, so that they won’t take up most of your garden space. Also, think of a location that is best suited for the types of plants you want to grow. Most plants prefer specific soil types and light exposure. Some are sun-loving while others just love to be kept in the shade.

Look for an Inspiration


You can try to browse galleries for plant ideas that are perfect for the garden you have in mind. If you still find yourself stuck, just try to experiment with various colors, making sure the different plants actually complement each other.

Choose the Best Plants


You should choose your plants carefully, try to make sure they are strong and healthy. Check for any signs of pest infestations, molds and other symptom of weakness or diseases, so your plants have higher chances of surviving, when transferred to your garden.

Consider the changes in Seasons


If you live in a country with changing seasons, opting for a year-round garden could be the perfect way to add life to your yard throughout the entire year. List all the plants that bloom in each season. That way you will know what to plant and when they are starting to bloom. You can combine perennials and container plants for your seasonal type of garden.

Create Harmony


Build harmony by grouping plants with same shapes and sizes. Put taller plants at the back and the smaller ones in the front. However, some gardeners choose to become unpredictable by grouping plants of different colors and shapes altogether. Both of this can create a different impact, depending on what type of garden you are dreaming to put up.


Follow these 5 simple rules and experiment any variations yourself. Oftentimes, you might need to get through the process of trial and error, prior to achieving the perfect blend. Start gardening now, and don’t be afraid to play with the dirt!