Top 6 Easy to Grow Herbs for your Garden

There is nothing as satisfying as growing edible plants like herbs at the comfort of your own garden. Why not try planting some of these easy to grow herbs next year?




This herb makes a perfect addition to soups, pasta and pizzas and is very easy to grow. However, it can’t stand cold temperatures so it’s best to keep it indoors during the winter. Gardeners prevent basils from producing flowers by pinching the center shoot. This will encourage more leaves to grow.



Easily confused as parsley, cilantro is popularly used in Asian dishes. Mature cilantro seeds are called coriander and are also used in cooking, however, the leaves and the seeds offer different flavors in dishes that’s why they shouldn’t be confused as substitute for one another. Growing cilantro is easy but its best to know that they love sunny but not too hot weather. They should be kept indoors during the hottest time of the day.



Rosemary herbs love to be planted on dry soil conditions making a well-draining container filled with a sandy soil is ideal for them. They also can’t tolerate the cold brought about by winter that’s why planting them on pots for easy transfer will always do them good. Rosemary can also grow as a landscape shrub, when offered the best growing conditions.



Known for its health benefits, oregano can grow from seeds or cutting. When it are fully established as a plant, it needs very little attention like watering once in a while,only in extreme dry weather conditions. This plant can even be left alone to take care of itself, and it would thrive.



A perfect blend in for almost any dish, thyme thrives best under the sun. They are happy when planted in a well-draining soil with an alkaline pH. They also make a best ground cover making them perfect to be planted at the edge of the walkway.



This herb is very easy to grow making it available throughout the entire year. It belongs to the onion family and is often sprinkled on many popular dishes. It’s important to keep this herb hydrated, to get higher yields.

If you’re still in doubt of your gardening skills, try out some of these herbs and enjoy the good results!