Top 8 Great Small Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs are a must have for every gardener,as they provide beauty and structure to every landscape. They require very low maintenance and throw out colors in our gardens almost all throughout the entire year. Better yet, smaller ones can provide better cover of the ground and keep off the weeds without consuming much space. Listed below are some of the greatests small evergreens that would add accent to your garden display.



This shrub is very versatile and requires low maintenance. It can stand and grow even in sandy soil and is highly resistant to drought. It perfectly adds color, scent and life in your backyard.



Daphne is ideal if you are looking for a shrub that is small and slow growing. It blooms and produces fragrant flowers during the winter. Also, with the artistic look of its leaves lined with yellow borders, you’ll surely love to see this plant on your garden.



If you’re aiming for a tropical garden look, aucuba is one of the great choices. It is slow growing and known for its large oval shaped leaves. It is considered one of the toughest shrubs ever,as it can tolerate pollution, drought and full shade. Because of its ability to grow in shaded areas, aucuba can even become a houseplant.



Camellia is one of the popular flowering shrubs that can bloom in autumn or late summer. It produces beautiful flowers and dark green foliage. Naturally a tall shrub, dwarf shrubs are also available and can be best grown in areas partially shaded and with an acidic soil.


Fatsia japonica 101

Fatsia grows hand shaped leaves that are very eye pleasing. Because this shrub doesn’t grow compactly, it’s best to grow them in a large pot. They can also be a great asset in your garden and can be placed around the borders.



Known for its attribute as a Christmas symbol, Holly can also make a fantastic hedge. This shrub grows dark green shiny leaves with bright red berries in the middle. Having a sight of this in your garden will surely give everyone the holidays’ delight.


Bumblequeen_Mahonia_17Dec13 (5)

With leaves almost similar to Holly, Mahonia offers a very good sight of bright yellow flowers that are quite fragrant. Mahonia is just one of those shrubs that requires hardly any attention and can grow in various weather and coastal conditions.

Moonshadow Euonymus


These plants have plenty of cultivars all known to be tolerant to poor soil conditions and shade. The shrubs make best as a ground cover, but can also be trained to climb on wall. This shrub is a real beauty, when it gets covered with variegated green and gold leaves.